Evidence Based Treatment

The cornerstone of the program at Discovery House is the use of innovative evidence based treatment, holistic, and traditional modalities.

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Supportive Community

Discovery House is at its heart a community.  Its safe and supportive environment allows space for recovery, friendship, and discovery.

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Long Term Recovery

Every person’s path to recovery is different.  Discovery House is designed to allow you the time, space and motivation to find yours.

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Why Choose Discovery House?

Discovery House offers a unique approach to recovery.  Instead of one size fits all programs, we offer a better approach.  We provide a safe, stable, drug-free environment in which you are free to explore many different paths to recovery.  From exercise and nutrition, 12 Step Meetings to counseling sessions, Discovery House provide the foundation for your success.

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Recovery Done Right

The road to addiction recovery takes faith, trust, and guidance. At Discovery House, we can help you! Our homelike residence helps provide a safe and serene campus environment. Our local therapists, their individualized approach to therapy, and holistic rehabilitation philosophy make this unique addiction recovery residence a major improvement over other options. While others address only the addiction, we help heal the Mind, Body and Spirit of the recovering person through partnership efforts.

Proud Partner Of Dr. Phil’s Path To Recovery

Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery program is designed to help reduce recidivism and improve overall outcomes for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. From his #1 rated talk show, Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery will add influence to our patients’ lives in the form of Dr. Phil himself – his distinctive voice delivered from exclusive locations that our patients would never normally have access to, including on-stage at his show and sitting with him in his private office.  The program is designed to complement not replace other addiction services.