[title size=”3″]One of the most important parts of the recovery process is learning how to have fun without the use of drugs or alcohol. Activities are planned to enhance the residents program. We have found that allowing the residents time to find things that they enjoy is a key part of recovery.[/title]

There are two general types of activities: recreational and those that are inherent in day to day living.

Recreational activities vary from week to week, depending on the season and the desires of the group. They can include but are not limited to, movies, activities by the river, park volleyball, swimming and cook outs. The purpose of these activities is to extrovert the recovering addict and introduce them to new drug free and enjoyable activities.

Gym memberships are available for a nominal fee and transportation is provided each night for those students who want to work out (and have earned the privilege). There are activities that are part and parcel of everyone’s life such as grocery shopping and caring for the environment that one lives in. Often times it is necessary for the recovering addict to re-learn these, with some guidance.

Every week our residents go on scheduled grocery shopping trips. Each apartment shops as a group and quickly learns the virtue of shopping efficiently and in cooperation with others in the apartment. Shopping lists are made against what will be needed for the next week – similar to a campus setting.

The residents work out cleaning chores amongst themselves and they are usually rotated weekly. If someone is not doing their share of the work, they are put on probation. Failing to work as a part of the team to keep the environment in good order can be a sign of not being serious about recovery. Those in active addiction tend to have messy surroundings, and those who are truly recovering start to care about the environment and others around them.

Those who do their chores are afforded the privileges of going to the gym and group outings.