Discovery House and the Shaolin Institute


Discovery House clients have the option of participating in TAI CHI and TAIGONG to help with their physical and emotional healing.

Tai Chi is becoming more and more popular in the United States every day.It is considered an “internal” or “soft” martial art. Tai Chi or Tai Ji, the full term is “Tai Chi Chuan” or Tai Ji Quanis is translated as “Supreme Ultimate Boxing”. This is one of the oldest forms of internal Kung Fu, although primarily practiced today as a “moving meditation”. It is wonderful exercise form for improving Qi balance, circulation, concentration and relaxation. Tai Chi is, in origin, a method of fighting.

Tai Chi is one of the three internal martial arts of China. The difference between internal and external arts has been debated widely. It can be said that the internal arts are more concerned with how the body controls and generates inner strength and internal and external energy. The differences don’t mean much, however, because at the highest levels of any martial art tends to reach the same realm of Qi. It is practiced for many reasons, including improving health and breathing, helping to calm your mind through meditation.


• Taigong includes Qi (energy) empowerment and body/mind cleansing, as well as Qi redirecting. It is based on Tao, Taiji and Chan theory, as well as Chinese Medicine. Taigong redirects, unblocks and balances Qi on the right path in the meridian channels and within the organs for wellness and healing. It helps to improve calmness of body and mind, opens the Qi flow, re- channel the Qi, mobilize Qi and increase energy levels and strengthen the functions of organs, ligaments, and muscles. The circulation of Qi from the circulating motions of the body, limbs, joints, and organs, and improves the transportation of Oxygen, energy and nutrients for healing and the bodily function. Taigong will help each individual to bring about the body and mind communication into reality.

• Taigong is a type of Qigong and Tai Chi (Taiji) Combined. The word Qigong breaks into Qi and Gong: Qi = vitality, energy, life force, Gong = practice, cultivate, refine; Qigong = to cultivate and refine through practice one’s vitality or life force. Long term practice of Taigong will show you the primary mechanism that is triggered by the practice of Qigong is a spontaneous balancing and enhancing of the natural healing resources in the human system. Over thousands of years millions of people have benefited from these practices believing that improving the function of the Qi maintains health and heals disease. • In the paradigm of mechanistic Western science, the practice of Qigong triggers a wide array of physiological mechanisms which have profound healing benefits. It increases the delivery of oxygen to the tissues. It enhances the elimination of waste products as well as the transportation of immune cells through the lymph system. And it shifts the chemistry of the brain and the nervous system. You can find a summary of the many physiological mechanisms that are initiated by the practice of Qigong in the Information Center .


Tai Chi for Natural Healing

Tai Chi for cancer healing, injury recovery, diabetes and more Shi Deru of the Shaolin Institute is not only a Kung Fu Grandmaster but also a medical doctor trained in both Western and Eastern philosophies. Shifu has assisted many people with cancer, teaching them how to improve their lives through proper nutrition, mental wellness, breathing techniques to deliver oxygen to the body, Tai Chi, and exercise. Ray Blue celebrated World Tai Chi Day event in Norcross Georgia in April 2013. Ray spoke about surviving stage 4 cancer with the assistance from Shi DeRu the “Teaching Father” of the Shaolin Institute. Ray had been told by his doctors that there was nothing left that could be done and he fought all odds with determination and a will to live. He changed his mindset, he made the choice to survive. He made the choice that no doctor would prescribe a death sentence to him prematurely. Ray speaks about his experiences with Shi DeRu as an example of how the body, mind and spirit can prevail.