There are many warning signs to help identify alcohol abuse. While many signs are obvious, so are a little harder to recognize. Mild alcohol abuse is easy to overlook, however, a minor issue can turn into a bigger one over time. Loved ones need to pay attention to the potential warning signs. Seeking treatment sooner than later will always benefit.

Here are 11 common signs of alcohol abuse:

  •         Neglecting Both Professional and Personal Responsibilities – Frequent absences from work, losing the job altogether, or letting the house fall into disarray are all signs that alcohol is affecting a person’s mental or physical capacity to perform regular tasks.
  •         Drinking in Perilous Situations – Drinking and driving, or mixing alcohol with prescriptions or other drugs is a sign of alcohol abuse.
  •         Lying About Alcohol Consumption – Dishonesty about drinking usually means that a person is aware they have a problem and want to hide it.
  •         Drinking at Unusual or Inappropriate Times – Drinking first thing in the morning, or sneaking out to take a drink during the day is a clear sign of an alcohol problem.
  •         Showing a High Alcohol Tolerance – If a person keeps on drinking long after their buddies have thrown in the towel, it’s a sign they have high tolerance, which is a sign of drinking too much.
  •         Drinking Alcohol to Relax – This is a sign that the person is using alcohol as a coping mechanism rather than health strategies.
  •         Inability to Maintain Healthy Relationships – Relationships falling apart when a person won’t stop drinking means they are making their addiction more important than their relationship.
  •         Uncommon Mood Swings – Mood swings and aggressive behavior are common with alcoholics. They can also be a sign of withdrawal.
  •         Experiencing Blackouts From Binge Drinking – If a person is experiencing blackouts, this is a clear sign of binge drinking and alcoholism.
  •         Getting into Legal Problems Because of Drinking – If a person continues to get into trouble with the law because of alcohol, it’s likely they have a serious problem.
  •         Showing Physical Signs of Alcohol Abuse – People who drink regularly might develop trembling hands, red or blotchy skin and a flushed appearance. They may also slur their speech or appear hungover or disheveled.

In Conclusion

If a person shows more than a few of these signs, it’s likely that they have a serious alcohol problem. It’s important for loved ones to be vigilant about the person’s drinking, and encourage them to get help immediately if they believe they have a problem. Inpatient rehabilitation is usually necessary to get a person free from alcohol.