Drug Rehab And Sober Living Atlanta

We serve people in every stage of life and coordinate a wide range of local specialty services. Our local coordinating affiliate therapists are fully licensed and integrate their faith and spirituality into their work in a respectful, non-intrusive style. Our clients tell us how refreshing it is to work with therapists who understand both the behavioral sciences and the wisdom of their faith tradition. Whatever your background, you will find us respectful, open, and encouraging.

A solid plan for recovery begins with an initial residential needs assessment. Our local professional affiliates and counselors are ready to provide a thorough history and diagnosis to offer a treatment plan for provision of any type and intensity of treatment needed to coordinate:


Why Choose Us

  • Recovery is the legitimate hope for all those who seek help with the effects of an addictive disorder.
  • Everyone; those we serve, and those who are our colleagues, has the right to be treated equitably and with dignity and respect.
  • Recovery is best accomplished and maintained when we develop and nurture lasting partnerships with others in recovery, our community, and when possible, our families.
  • Persons in recovery from addictive disorders must be provided with safe and supportive opportunities to learn and practice the skills of living with a chronic illness.
  • Services, to be effective, must be accessible, welcoming, empathetic, hopeful, culturally-competent, comprehensive, and tailored to the need of the individual.