Residential Addiction Recovery Services

Discovery House provides the tools so that anyone can recover.

Discovery House offers a long term residential recovery program.  Our goal is to comfortably and safely guide you through your recovery.  Since recovery is not a one size fits all process, Discovery House has developed unique relationships with various treatment providers in order to provide the best possible treatment options.

We assess all residents for the need for ongoing treatment services and refer them to counseling and/or outpatient treatment services in the community. There are many options, please call an intake coordinator to see if we can help you find your path to recovery.

The residential addiction recovery program is structured as a variable length program which consists of three primary components

  • A safe, supportive, structured, drug and alcohol-free living environment where sobriety is a way of life and one is surrounded by peers all with the common goal of acquiring and maintaining sobriety.
  • Participation in day treatment, individual counseling, traditional Chinese medicine, yoga and other techniques.  We work with you and your counselor to create the perfect treatment plan for your needs. This is not a one size fits all program.
  • Participation in the recovery community is required however optional participation in 12-step meetings, bible study, and various church activities from many denominations allows you complete support in your recovery.  This develops a sense of ownership for one’s own recovery and often leads to opportunities to give back to the recovery community.

The Treatment Plan  we develop is tailored to your specific needs by a qualified assessment counselor after your arrival and will guide you through a custom approach to recovery.

The Clinical Team At Discovery House

The clinical team is comprised of various professionals and remains flexible, adaptable and goal oriented throughout the treatment process. Your team meets frequently to discuss your progress and to facilitate any additional resources that may become necessary.  All clinical and medical services are provided by licensed or certified practitioners.

Physical fitness is an essential component of the any recovery process. In order to achieve optimal results, it is critical  that an individualized plan be created for you, taking your needs, desires and current fitness levels into account. Every client in Discovery’s program works with a trainer to develop just such a plan. Your trainer will work with you to build a plan that is suitable to your needs and help you work on the plan arranged.

Our clients choose Discovery because we produce extraordinary results!

Discovery House’s sober living residence has available a comprehensive selection of local affiliate services to support an offender that has been accused or convicted of DUI or other alcohol/drug offenses. These include:

• DUI offender clinical evaluation
• DUI pre-trial substance abuse evaluation
• DUI level 1 short term treatment program
• DUI level 1 long-term treatment program
• DUI monitoring program

These programs have been expertly developed in the field of prevention, abuse/addiction treatment, impaired driving, and positive lifestyle changes. We are committed to helping you succeed through the use of the most effective tools available today. It gently but powerfully challenges common beliefs and attitudes that directly contribute to high-risk alcohol and drug use. It is an evidence-based purpose with demonstrated success in significantly altering attitudes, increasing abstinence and reducing high-risk drinking and drug use.

In partnership efforts with our local providers we can facilitate alternative sentencing options that support alternatives to incarceration or extended court supervision. Those who are assessed as appropriate and willing are able to obtain a transitional rehabilitative residential living plan from us that may give courts, work places, agencies, or families an alternative that includes:

  • Education/counseling provisions
  • Treatment planning to include Testing/monitoring

These services may be used to respond to the following charges requirements:

  • Public drunkenness and Disorderly Conduct
  • Marijuana/drug possession
  • Georgia controlled substance act violation
  • Alcohol/drug related DUI (1st time, multiple, or habitual offender)

Probation monitoring Individuals, families or legal representatives should contact Discovery House to schedule an initial alternative sentencing assessment plan for transitional rehabilitative services designed to meet individualized requirements.

An “Individualized Living Plan” (ILP) is continually assessed and modified as the individual is monitored through specific combinations of local services and treatment components which are targeted to the specific situation.

A “Resident Coordinator” (RC) works with the individual to utilize available efficacious local treatment and services. A person may require medical services, family therapy, one on one counseling, parenting instruction, vocational rehabilitation and social and legal services.

Our goal at Discovery House is to help you assess your needs for substance abuse and addiction services. We facilitate individualized recovery plans to help individuals and families deal with:
• Substance abuse
• Co-dependency
• Relapse prevention
• Chemical dependency
• Denial recognition
• Other compulsive disorders

The need for an assessment may originate through your own personal concern or through a:
• Family member
• Workplace
• Physician
• Court Order

A solid plan for recovery begins with an initial professional assessment provided through our licensed local affiliate providers that includes a thorough history and diagnosis. Through these partnership efforts with our affiliates we assist our clients in collaborative identification of an effective recovery plan that can yield the type and intensity of treatment needed through:
• Support
• Education
• Therapy
• Recovery Planning
• Intervention
• Accountability

Remember, your initial assessment is the first next step in discovering your new path of recovery!